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Water Purification for Emergency Situations

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In putting together an emergency preparedness kit, Water purification should be the cornerstone of all preparedness.

The human body is made up of over 70% water and thus we need to understand no water = no life. In the event of a small or god forbid large catastrophic event, the one thing everyone will need is water. Living in the desert, water is the one thing that will be difficult to find!

The best source for water in the desert is the water contained in cisterns located through out the city also known as swimming pools. In an emergency situation there will be people leaving their homes and “heading for the hills” or wherever they deem safe.

Abandoned houses mean lots of swimming pools to draw from. It’s up to you to keep the pools fresh until the water is needed. Chlorine is the fastest way to purify water. Add chlorine as needed to maintain freshness.

Keep many large buckets of swimming pool chlorine tablets on hand even though you may not have a pool. (The best time to buy this is off season when it is discounted.)

Chlorinated water maybe free of disease but it sure does not taste good. I recommend a Katadyn water filter available at Rei, Sport Chalet and many outdoor life suppliers.
The Katadyn filter is best because it has a tube that drops into the swimming pool and a hand pump that draws the water up through the filter and purifies the water.
Fill the glass and drink up……..Happy Surviving

Brent Usry is a Free Lance Writer, Gold Prospector and Outdoor Adventurer!


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August 2, 2009 at 10:59 am

No More Procrastination

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There is one thing I have been wanting to to for 25 years. I have been putting it off and off and off. and finally today I am doing it. Today I am taking my first Ham Radio exam. I have been wanting a Ham Radio License ever since I heard about these little one watt Hand-held radios that would tie into repeaters and and jump from one repeater to the other until you are talking to people thousands of miles away.

Today with the Internet a new technology has emerged called VOIP (voice over the Internet protocol) it takes your radio signal puts it through a Internet connection connected to a repeater and sends it through the Internet and out a repeater on the other side and you can talk on a little hand held Walkie-talkie type radio to the other side of the world.

I am taking my ham radio exam today not because of all of this exciting new technology but because of how easy it was to study. Now mind you I have been tring to do this forever, buying the books and never making it past a few pages…*BORING* …..However……. A year ago I bought an Ipod nano and listened to all the music I could stand until my brain was so full of crap. Then I switched to books on tape. I find that the Ipod especially the nano with the belkin add-on attachment that hangs it around your neck makes it the ideal study tool. It took me one week and I am ready to pass. Next I am going to tackle the Real Estate License Exam, and then who knows……

Brent Usry is a Freelance Writer in Las Vegas, NV

Written by Brent Usry

February 9, 2008 at 6:19 am

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Customer Service Isn’t for The Dogs? P2

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Finally we had navigated our way through the bad service. We waited patiently at the door for the Bus Driver to load the final passengers. My son climbed on to the huge greyhound and was on his way to see his friends in California.

They pulled out of Las Vegas at 10:40, the bus was due to depart at 10:20 and was scheduled to arrive at 3:30 so I am figuring he would be there at about 4:00 PM.

Fourty Five Minutes Later…. My cell phone rings. It is my son he was ranting about the stupid bus driver and air conditioning. I said “What are you saying, it is 107 degrees and he is not running the air conditioning?” He said no “he is running it full blast and we have over heated 3 times.” I said “Is it hot in the bus” he said “No it is freezing”.

“Why is he running it so cold?” He said; “We had Just past Whiskey Petes Casino and he called and said the bus was having problems and they sent him back to whiskey petes to wait an hour for a new bus.”

He said; “Now he is joking about everyone having some gambling time, and I think he did this on purpose. He said it has happend to him a lot.” My son stayed outside while everyone else headed into the casino. (he is only 17 and there is not much for a 17 year old to do in a casino.

To make a long story short, the one hour which would have been 12:15 turned into 2:10 Before another bus ride arrived. The Bus driver got his gambling time, and my son arrived in California just after 7:00 pm.

I am have since been told by other people, that the stateline casinos give a lot of perks to bus drivers who bring in big loads of people. I don’t know if this guy got to Gamble free or got money or vip treatment or it he just has a gambling problem…or maybe it really was a bad bus, (I doubt it) but I do know my son was 4 hours late to his arrival and no one in my family will ever ride a Greyhound again.


Brent Usry is a Free Lance Writer, Outdoor Adventurer and Gold Prospector!

Written by Brent Usry

August 22, 2006 at 4:13 pm

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Customer Service Isn’t For The Dogs? P1

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School lets out, My son decided to go California and hang out with his friends. I booked him a seat online on the Greyhound Bus.

We arrived at the station 30 minutes early, and got into the Pre-paid will call line. A nice looking young lady about 30 years old, serving our line. In the next 20 minutes, she was still with the same customer, The man at the other counter, a young man about 23 years old, had taken care of everyone, plus a few more who had gotten in his line. If I was in that line I would have been served already. You know the feeling when you finally realize you got into the wrong line!

The lady was near serving the only customer she had in line. She looked up at me, then over at the other guy and said; “Is there one line or two?” He stated; “There is only one line. Get in the back of the line sir”. I said “I have a prepaid ticket that is why I am in the will call line”. He said “we don’t have a will call line now get in the back of the line”. I said “the sign says will call pre-paid tickets”, he then said rasing his voice; “I am not going to tell you again now get in the back of the line” (Now I don’t know what kind of derilick, people he is used to dealing with, probably treating them like crap yelling at them then calling the police and having them arrested for nothing! But nobody talks to me like that.) I then said; “First of all you don’t talk to me in that tone, and second of all If had gotten into your line when I arrived, I would have already been served. He then yelled “Get in the back of the line NOW!” I thought this guy is unreal, its like he thinks I am his kid.

I turned around and went straight to the door that said “DO NOT ENTER Authorized Personnel only!” The young man yelled you can’t go in there. I walked right through those doors and the lady inside said, you can’t be in here. I said I want to sell the top person in charge, and she said he doesn’t see anyone without an appointment. There was a Big red door on the left that said; “Supervisor Do Not Disturb!” I said he’ll see me and I walked right in there. There was a lady inside playing games on the computer and I said I need top see the supervisor, “he’s kinda busy. “I said “Too Bad, where is he and she said he is out taking a survey”. “Well I need someone in charge right now”.

Then In walked a nicely dressed lady and she said whats the problem? I told her my story, I Said; This company spends millions of dollars a year to attract people like me, who normally take planes. They try to convince us that the bus is a viable alternative, and when we stupidly fall for this BS, and show up here, your employees chase us back to the airport where we belong. With service like this all you ever will attract is bums, derilicks and people who want to travel with guns and knives in their possession, she said “I am terribly sorry sir you are next in line.”

We walked out to the counter and the lady who first refused service to me, now provided service with a smile and was much faster, with her boss standing there.

The moral of the story is:

  • Do Not Stand For Bad Service!
  • Walk Through Those “Do Not Disturb” Doors
  • Insist On Good Service
  • Demand to See the Boss
  • and the Bosses Boss
  • and The Bosses Bosses Boss

Back in the day when Wal-mart provided Great customer service all companies were providing good service.

As in the Song American Pie; February 3rd, 1959, The Day that Buddy Holly, Ricky Valens and The Big Bopper Died, Became The Day that Music Died.

April 6th 1992, The Day Sam Walton Died. Has Become The Day that Customer Service Died.

Brent Usry is a Free Lance Writer, Outdoor Adventurer and Gold Prospector!


Written by Brent Usry

August 22, 2006 at 11:21 am

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How Do I Clean My Own Carpets?

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I have lived in my beautiful 4,000 sq ft Home Here in Las Vegas Nevada for about a year and a half. We bought it new so one would think it would be in pristine condition. It probably would be if it were not for the loves of my life, Sargent Chubs and Major Beast, My two English Bulldogs. They are the most wonderful companions but a bit messy and Sargent Chubs has an issue with urinating at will where ever she chooses, although it is not totally her fault. My girlfriend is Claustrophobic and passes her phobias on to others in the form of absolutely NO crate training allowed!

Anyway I had brought in a professional carpet cleaning company a few times an the guy kept leaving the carpet slightly damp. After the fist time I told him he needed to get all the water out that if he left the water in all he was doing was spreading the urine. He declared he was the expert and acted put out that I would question his un-questionable carpet cleaning authority, after he had the big truck mounted machine!

Standard Declarations All Carpet Cleaning Companies Make:

Big Truck Mounted Machine

Their Machine Cleans Way Better Than Any Other

Pet Smell Will Never Go Away

Stains Cannot Be Removed

Carpets Stay Wet, Open The Windows To Dry Them

No Guarantees

Two months went by the smell was horrible and by girlfriend picked up the phone to call this stupid son a bitch again, NO, NO, NO I said, we are not letting that crook in here, “I like him” she said “and he is right the smell will never go away as long as you have bulldogs.” No he is a Liar and a Crook and it smells because of him. She said “well do you know someone better?” I said anyone would be better, but I have found that all carpet cleaning companies make the same declarations before they start the job, they all leave the water, and they all do a bad job for the low price of $120.00 (Doesn’t seem to matter if your house is 4000 sq ft or a studio apartment.) I told her not to worry about it and I went out to buy Patio Furniture and Groceries. and as luck would have it the grocery store had patio furniture on close out and rented carpet cleaning machines. I have seen these machines in stores for years and have never rented one. But This Time I did.

When I got home, my girlfriend picked up the fight where she left off: “Did you figure out who you were going to hire to clean these carpets?” I declared YES I did, She said, “Who?” I said, I hired the greatest carpet cleaning company in the world, the one who cares more about our carpets, than any other company around? She said: “oh brother, where did you meet this guy; at the grocery store?” I whipped out my Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Rental model and said Its me! and she fell out laughing and laughing.

The next morning I got up bright and early, and started cleaning. The Learning curve was not bad one button to turn on, one button to spray water and pull, easy. In 10 minutes I was better than any professional carpet cleaning company I had ever delt with, and just as I has suspected the water can come out of the carpet almost completely, it is almost dry when I am done doing a 3rd suction pass.

Remember the main selling feature: The Big Truck Mounted Unit!!! Well take the horse power of that truck mounted unit and then divide it by the feet of house they are using to get to your carpet and you will find that there is nothing left. The Rug Doctor, on the other Hand is 1.9 Horse Power in direct contact with the carpet.

The End results were the best carpet cleaning I have ever had, a few of the pet stains were still there so I cleaned again the next day. They got a little better. I called Kerri a sales person at Rug Doctor and she told me it takes time, over several cleansing I will see them come all the way out, as long as all the water is removed with each cleaning. (Sound Familiar???)

I Bought myself a Rug Doctor, I couldn’t be Happier! I have a new hobby cleaning my carpets! My girlfriend is happy and the Dogs well they are sleeping in the crate 🙂

Rug Doctor sells the machine for 29.00+shipping to Try it for 30 days and then if you keep it, you pay $50.00 a month for 15 months. Way cheaper than spending $120.00 every single month. and the biggest difference is not the smell but the air itself is easier to breath. Like pollen and dust are gone. Check out the Rug Doctor

Brent Usry is a Free Lance Writer, Gold Prospector and Outdoor Adventurer!

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Brent Usry is a Freelance Writer, Gold Prospector and Outdoor Adventurer

Written by Brent Usry

August 22, 2006 at 10:49 am

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Linux Mortgage Software

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I recently did the switch over to Linux. Its been about 4 weeks now and quite the adventure. I have tried so many different versions, and have spent a fortune on books and “FREE Software” The Learning curve in the beginning eliminates the FREE part as in No Money FREE, But the Freedom From Microsoft is a feeling that is hard to explain. I am in the mortgage business as are all of my friends, and I have been doing the one man Linux evangelism thing. The only snag I am coming across in gaining converts is I am unable to load Calyx Point into my system I have used point and Crossover and upgraded this and downgraded that and still no luck. I have been searching online for a Linux based mortgage origination software and today I came across one. I called them and they said that indeed yes their software would run on Linux. The price of this software is only $2000.00 a month well that is a good sight more then calyx point at 150.00 a year. I thought in the Linux world it was supposed to be less expensive to operate and that Microsoft was the “Bad Guys” So yes I agree we need a team to put together some open source mortgage software and the industry will come running.

All in all I am quite happy with the move away from Microsoft. I have been wanting to do it for quite some time. It seems there is always this daunting feeling that there is no life after Microsoft. I am here to tell you as someone who felt that way and has seen the other side, come on over the water is nice over here. I have been using windows for 10 years and I find Linux to be mush smoother and the Open Office Software that comes Free In the Distribution is so much smoother the Microsoft office. The Version I finally settlers on was Dapper Dan, or Is that George Clooney’s hair tonic in Oh Brother where art thou? Thats right, thats what that is, version I am thinking of is Dapper Drake, Ubuntu 6.06, it has everything you can ever want….unless you are a Mortgage Broker of course!

Brent Usry is a Freelance Writer in Las Vegas, NV


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August 22, 2006 at 1:49 am

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